What We Are AboutConnecting those providing CARE with those in NEED across the country to activate nationwide civil support for ALL vulnerable South Africans.

Millions of South Africans are now suddenly vulnerable to the direct and indirect impacts of the Corona Virus on our society and economy.

We invite visitors to this site to explore our map and be in touch with organisations they feel they can help with time, resources or funds.

 Let’s show love and kindness to one another. Let’s reach out and support each other. Let’s rise to the challenge with inspired action so that we emerge from this challenge better and not broken.

Official SA Corona Site and Emergency Hotline


Cape Town Together: Action Starter Pack

The Cape Town Action Network has organised many groups on the ground responding to the needs of the vulnerable in Cape Town communities. Click here to join the Facebook group and see how you can get involved or how you can donate products or your energy to help others. Download their comprehensive Action Starter Pack […]

How to Make a Tippy-Tappy

An easy illustration to help those without good sanitation to set up their own handwashing stations.